Thursday, May 1, 2008

Over the Hill!!

It's fun being 30 when you get a party thrown for you. Paul put together a little gathering of some friends and family to celebrate the fact that I'm getting older and can now kiss my 20's away. Ugh! I am now looked at by people moving into our ward as one of the "older" young mothers, if that makes any sense. The party was a lot of fun, especially since one of my best friends from high school (Melissa) came all the way to see me, plus other really great friends and family that I love so much. Paul had delicious food set out for us, fine bakery breads with meats and cheeses, plus other fun things to munch on. I guess Paul wanted to make me feel young by having his mom tell her birthday "cowboys and indians" story, which is usually told to younger crowds. It was hilarious to watch everyone yell out the sounds that go with the words as she told them...cowboys say "yee-haw!" and make a lasso movement with our arm, indians say "ahhh" as we pat our mouths repeatedly, horses we pat our legs to make the galloping sound, and when she says birthday, everyone starts singing the Happy Birthday song. It was great fun, and of course the "30 sucks" lollipop was proudly displayed on the finely decorated table. Oh joy!