Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nature...through a child's eyes

The other day, when the weather wasn't so wet, we went on a nature walk in our neighborhood. Kannon brought along his kid digital camera, hence the lower quality, and took some pictures. I was really interested to see how they would turn out. He was really proud and so was I. It's great to see through a child's eyes every once in a while!

The start of our nature walk...A rolie polie on Alexa's finger, even though you can't see it.

Our street

Standing in front of a yellow flower blooming bush.

A dandelion...we all blew the seeds everywhere!

One blooming daffodil!

I love this picture Kannon caught...the red berries of a youpon holly.

This was supposed to be a comparison of trees starting to bud and a dead one that was losing its branches.

Our neighborhood park

Our neighbor's beautiful garden!


Melissa said...

Allison, I found a link to your blog on Jen's blog. Isn't it great! It was so fun to look at your blog. It is true your children are gorgeous. The video of Logan makes me baby hungry! when Travis saw the pictures of Alexa he said, "That is exactly what Allison looked like when she was little". I'll keep checking on it. I will email you our blog address.
Melissa Turley