Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Spring Break! (Part 3) - Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

My parents (Alli's) and sister came to celebrate Easter on Saturday since they will be out of town for the real thing...they are going snow skiing without me! Wah! We had an Easter egg hunt and a wonderful dinner together, plus we celebrated my dad's birthday with cake and ice cream. It's so fun to have Memaw, Papa, and Aunt Kimmie come to visit! The kids get spoiled quite often, but the love that they show us by coming to see us often really is the best! It was great to watch the kids hunt for those eggs. Braden slowly looked carefully while Papa helped him and nudged him in the right direction. Kannon and Lexi just went all out, even climbing a pole and on the playset to get those eggs. There was one egg left under a riding toy and we played the hot/cold game with them and finally Lexi threw the toy over and there it was...except big brother Kannon...well just watch the video, you'll see. There was a brawl in the backyard until the confetti eggs came to save the day. It just wouldn't be Easter without those confetti eggs, or if you're from San Antonio like I was at one time, those cascarones!

Kannon looks a little scared to go on an Easter egg hunt! Who knew?

Bound and determined to get that egg!

Braden found one in our blooming irises!

Yea! Confetti eggs!

The loot!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!


Steph said...

That is sad Lexi found it but because she was doing the work to get it Kannon came in and swiped it. I have never seen confetti eggs but I have been reading about them a lot of different blogs. I will have to check them out next year if I remember then.