Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Houston Fun!

My friend Jennifer suggested we go see the Houston Firefighter Museum and I jumped at the chance when we could tag-along with Paul on one of his business trips. Braden LOVES anything to do with firefighters and firetrucks. What a great little museum; it's a little hidden gem in the big metropolis of Houston. Immediately when you open the front doors of the old firehouse, large antique firetrucks welcome you into the inviting building. One in particular, the kids can climb all over. They have a mock set-up of the front of a firetruck where you can touch and push all the buttons and turn on lights and sirens, plus dress up as firefighters, and slide down a firehouse pole. It's a wonderful little place to go and learn about these wonderful men and women that help us everyday.
When Paul finished up his meetings, we then visited the Houston Children's Museum. What a fantastic museum, too! There were so many things for the kids to do and they even have a place to eat, which saved us from utter meltdown. Paul and I had a lot of fun! Ok, the kids did, too. It was so large, we only got through the downstairs, so we hope to visit again and enjoy fun times together. We are now finally realizing the close access to Houston we have and how many opportunities that are now opening up to us. What fun we see in in our future!


Kimberly Dykhouse said...

It looks like you guys had an action packed day. Too fun.