Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well, I've gone and done it. I chopped my hair off today. I don't even know how many inches it was. I would have pictures of the before and after, but I can't find the cord to upload pics from my camera onto my computer, and my other camera I could have used has run out of battery life and I can't find the charger...hence the reason why I am also not caught up on the blog. Ugh! Life! We've also had a busy May! I'll put up some pics soon and show you. As for my hair, well, it used to go to or past my shoulder blades, and now it's much shorter...much, much shorter. It was not supposed to be this short, but give it 2 months and it will be exactly right, right? That's how it usually goes with my haircuts, and then I don't get one for a year and it's way too long, the baby grabs and eats it, you get spit up on it, it gets scraggly, it has no style, and it just needs some refreshing. So I went and cut it today after about a year of not cutting it. Crazy! It's fun and funky, easy to take care of, and Logan can't grab it as much. Alexa's turn is coming tomorrow!! You'll just have to wait for pictures!

* add pictures...even though as I'm typing this, my hair is now getting closer to the original length again!*




Allison said...

I'm excited to see it! I'm sure it looks great, and most importantly, I'm sure that it feels great for the summer heat!!!

Soon after I found out I was pregnant with Elaina I cut my hair pretty short. When Mike saw it he said "well, you're a real Mom now because that's what Mom's do...they chop off their hair!!" I should have him read your blog for a good explanation of why we do it! :) I'm the same way though, I'll be growing my hair out and then cut it because it gets too long and then I'm ready to grow it out again, and the cycle continues :) I'm at that point again now!

Ruth said...

Ok so really not fair to post about a haircut and then not show any pictures. Hope to see y'all soon--come down for a weekend

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see it! I'm sure it looks great and short hair is the only way to do a Texas summer!

Erin said...

I thought your hair looked REALLY cute at Hallaran pool yesterday, Allison. Your whole family has great hair - shiny, dark, glossy!

Melisa said...

allison!! you have a blog too?nice!!! I just found it through allison,s blog!
I love your hair! you look cute!

eilsel said...

Don't you love the "feel" of a new haircut? It is almost like losing 5 lbs. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Ixchelle said...

I am glad you and I both found each others blogs. Your family is so cute. We miss you all. Please tell your sweet mother and father in-law I said hello. Your family is amazing. We have not forgotten the torres family.

Ixchelle said...

Allison, would you mind emailing me your in-laws address and email.
Thanks so much. Tell your husband hello.