Friday, April 4, 2008

3 Months Old!

Logan is now 3 months old! I can't believe how fast time flies! I am in love with my little man! He is still the most easy going baby ever. His cries are changing from newborn cries into baby cries. He loves to smile at everyone and sometimes will give a little bashful shrug or tuck his chin into his chest whenever someone oohs and ahhs over him to get him to smile. He is very ticklish and instead of laughing, he gives little squeals. It is so funny! He is so alert and loves watching everyone and everything around him. Logan loves to stick out his tongue and will occasionally give little zerberts as he's "talking" to everyone. His eyelashes are also growing in long Torres fashion. Love it! He is a very happy baby and I couldn't have asked for an easier baby as a 4th child. You can tell he adores his siblings, too, as they adore him. I just can't believe that Logan is already 3 months old.


Angie Wade said...

He is sooo cute. How fun! When was he born because I know he and miles were due very close to one another? Miles was December 30th. If I remember right Alexis and Hayley are a day apart--she's June 27th.
I love your blog and so glad you found us.