Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Braden is 3!!!

Braden turned 3 on Saturday, the 12th of April! It just doesn't seem real that he is now 3. What a precious 2-year-old he was. We have a little jokester on our hands for sure. He was definitely sent to Earth with a sense of humor. Our family has been non-stop cracking up at Braden over the last year. I'm going to miss his 2-year-old years and hope for the best in the 3's. My kids (and their parents) usually have a harder time in this year. Ahhh! Wish us luck!

Paul was at Youth Conference for church on Braden's birthday, so Mommy tried to make a wonderful day for her precious son. When Braden woke up, the table was set up especially for him as a surprise. The birthday ring was set up in the middle with his crown and cape nearby that he could wear the whole day, plus a package that had come from Grammy and Poppy. (Our presents are to come later so it was nice to have something there for him to open.) Later that day we went to the library since Braden had read about it in one of Curious George's books and asked to go there again. We got to check out some books and have some fun reading time. Then after naps, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's for some dinner and fun times. Braden loves this place and after putting coins into some of the games, he would come back and tell me they weren't working. How funny that ALL the games he put money into "didn't work"! He also was surprised when some mail came for him from GG and GPa and 3 dollar bills all his own to put in his new piggy bank! Both sets of his great-grandparents are pretty special! There were also numerous phone calls and people singing to the birthday boy. Sunday, when Daddy was home, we made some cupcakes together, and then on Monday, we actually went through his birthday story and he finally got to blow out his candles after the "Happy Birthday" song. For those of you who are interested in the birthday story, I tell of Braden being an angel in Heaven before he came to Earth and his guardian angel who was always with him by his side. Then the little angel comes down to Earth, by way of the Rainbow Bridge, when he is ready, and meets his parents and receives a name, I light a "life" candle, and from there I go through the consecutive years until his current birthday year telling of the things and accomplishments he has gone through as I light a candle for each one. Then on the current year, Braden's 3rd, I light the 3rd candle and then we sing "Happy Birthday" and he gets to blow the candles out. It's really a neat little story and really makes the kids feel special.

His birthday celebration will actually continue as Memaw, Papa, and Aunt Kimmie come into town this weekend. We are looking forward to that, as I'm sure Braden really is. Braden is so very special to us and we love him very much. Happy 3rd Birthday, Braden!! XOXOXO


Janine said...

I'm so glad that you're feeling better! It was great to see your whole family at church on Sunday :) Looks like Braden had a great birthday. You and your kids are such good sports and so supportive to Paul in his calling. I hope I can follow y'alls example and be as supportive to Cory.

Bennett Fam said...

Happy Birthday Braden!! I like your Birthday Story it is really cute. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! I would love a copy of your birthday story. I have one from Shining Star, but they all have variations and I love to take what I need for each child.

I'm totally with you -- two year olds are *great*, three year olds, not so much.

Alisa said...

Hi Allison! This is Alisa, Michael's wife. No, I am not creeped out at all, and Michael was excited to see you and your beautiful family. I saw you have Elder Ballard's talk posted. I started a blog a while back for all of us moms out there...check it out.

Julie Gropp said...

Hey guys! Thanks for posting on our blog! I am glad we have found you again! Blogging is a great way to keep in touch. You have such a fun family. I wish we lived closer to see you. I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Muggle Mom said...

hey allison! i saw your blog on facebook. your family is gorgeous!!!! i can't wait to catch up!