Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My hubby, my best friend

I want to clarify about my post about being a mom, that I did not want to come off as being negative or that I didn't like being a mom. I LOVE being Mommy! It's the one thing I dreamed about as I grew up. I wanted to do the same things my mom did. I'll never forget the memories I have with my mom as she lovingly did the best for my sister and me, as she wanted to spend every minute with us. In fact, I was such a joy that another baby didn't come along for 5 more years. LOL! She said I was like her little best friend, going everywhere with her. Well, now I have 4 little best friends tagging along with me. After 3 miscarriages, I was certainly worried about not having children as I had dreamed. So when Kannon came, and then Alexa, and then Braden, and now Logan, you can see that I am overjoyed with thankfulness to have these precious children. I never thought I would be able to have 4, and that is also a reason that they are so close to each other, because we want to have them now rather than wait until later when it may be too late. I have chosen to be home with my children because I adore them so much and we are in a situation that helps me stay home.

So that's where it comes to my husband. Because of Paul, I get to live out the dream that I stay home with my kids. He is the hardest worker and provides for our family so very much. I love him with all my heart and am glad to say that he is my best friend. Our children are a part of him, so I love my kids that very much more. Many may not know that Paul has a fantastic voice. His singing is so good that he could probably have earned a mighty good living with it, but he chose to do the normal route of family life and career. Before we dated, he was working on a CD project, and then we started dating, and well, now you know where that led. His voice is partly why I fell in love with him! I am now trying my darndest just to get him to sing for other people more often, like at church. He really only wants to sing to our family and write lullabies for our children. How wonderful for us!

His job now has been a wonderful blessing...he works with some very close friends and many of them are members of our church. I have watched him grow in knowledge and understanding of the business world, even the medical world. Every time we have had a baby, he can name every piece of medical equipment in the room and then proceed to talk about it with the doctor or nurse while I am fun!! After an almost move to Nashville (after some last minute changes with his future employer, we chose not to go the day before he was supposed to be there), I watched him choose to honor his friends and co-workers instead of choosing a higher salary and move up in the medical field. Paul has also loved being an entrepreneur, becoming a mortgage loan officer and owning our own mortgage company, buying homes to rent, and now in the process of building a mini-storage, which the land purchase it is on is a story all its own. He has been building up our future so that he can spend more time with us now. I feel very comforted to know all of the hard work he has done, even when there were times that were very stressful for us as a young family.

Paul tries in every way just to make me happy. Even amongst the chaos he may come home to, he does his very best to bring things back together and help me with the dealings of our home. He is a fantastic Daddy and there is not a day that the kids will allow him to leave the house without a hug and a kiss and a wave at the front window. I feel blessed to have the power of the priesthood in our home so that when our baby is struggling to breathe because he is coughing so hard from having the flu, Paul can give him a blessing. So in spite of my prior post about how hard it was to be Mom, I want to say that my husband does everything he can to support me. He makes me a better person and I am so grateful for him and our almost 10 years of marriage! He is my very best friend and I love my Paul!


Cory said...

Paul is a great example for us all. I am glad to serve with him. I also cast my vote for the original blog posting picture.

Erin Hill Littlefield said...

Allison - This is a lovely tribute to a great guy. I really admire your relationship together ... you obviously have a truly happy family ... I'm glad our paths cross from time to time and look forward to more get-togethers or dance lobby conversations.


ML said...

Hello, I'm Molly. I knew Paul growing up as we were in G1 Ward together. He was a great guy to know and a wonderful singer. He charmed everyone with his amazing voice. So good to read he is still such a great guy and your kids are so beautiful. Hi Paul!