Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You choose!

Wow, these posts are getting long! Here's a fun one. Since I'm talking about Paul, thought I would let our audience choose. He is not liking his picture on the blog so much, so I went to look for some more and realized I need to take more of him. Well, here are some of the choices. Please choose wisely to help Paul feel good about his picture that is out there for the world to see! LOL!! (This means Laugh Out Loud, for those that are still learning web lingo...Mom!) Love you, honey! Tee hee!

#1 Original








And to be fair, here's a crazy bad one of me! Enjoy!


Jeanette Work said...

I like the "OH" face! :)
You are an amazing mom and wife! :) It always makes me feel good to read your posts and know that you guys are doing great!
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Allison! So fun to find you through the blog world! We are staying here so quite the shocker after the past few months of where in the world are we moving (HERE was never an option we thought :).
It is just all working out though for the best I know. We bought a house and are closing next week. It has been a LONG haul of renting!WHEW so glad it is ending!
I LOVE your fun photos of you and Paul. Adorable and so real! Those are the best kind. Who took the photo of the kids on the couch? That is just the sweetest!

Steph said...

My vote is for #1. You picked a good one in the first place. The wives can usually always pick the better pictures better the husband:)

Ruth said...

i like #2 it is really a very flattering on eof both of you--lol

froggyjbt said...

I vote for #5. Obviously the most true to Paul- sleeping on the job again. Such a lazy man! Does he ever get up and do anything? :)